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[audio]IUMA: Anonima Sequencer
An unusual kind of sound from Italy: electronic music pioneer Cosmo X and dj Tazio Y bring you a unique mix of ethnic, classical and electronic music.
Keywords: Anonima Sequencer
Downloads: 71
[image]PSPSeq Photo - DJCrock
A photo of the PSPSeq program running on a PSP 3000
Keywords: PSP; PSPSeq; sequencer; music
Downloads: 34
[audio]The Loony Sequencer Session
This is a recording of my homemade electronic tone sequencer box. No effects are added to the recording.
Keywords: Electronic; noise; homemade; sequencer
Downloads: 38
[audio]N DJCrock - DJCrock
The second song I made with PSPSeq http://blog.docrocker.com/
Keywords: PSP; PSPSeq; sequencer; music
Downloads: 16
[audio]F1RST PSPSeq - DJCrock
The first loop I created with PSPSeq http://blog.djcrocker.com/
Keywords: PSP; PSPSeq; sequencer; music
Downloads: 21
[audio]Prouf 2 Maacher - Gast, Claude & Benny
2nd rehearsal for our concert next Saturday in Grevenmacher.Musicians: Gast Klares, Claude Michels, Benjamin Renz
Keywords: synthesizer session; improvised; sequencer
Downloads: 22
[audio]Bphedgehoghybrid 22chao 2s - Billy Stiltner
Keywords: Bohlen Pierce; Fractal Sequencer
Downloads: 9
[audio]Sequencer Execute ( Original Mix) - Sequencer
Sequencer - Execute (Original Mix)
Keywords: hardstyle; music; sequencer
Downloads: 14
[movies]Coin Sequencer - Thiago Teixeira
The Coin Sequencer is a simple audio sampler that has 4 infra-red sensors and 4 infra-red LEDs. When something reflective goes by each LED/sensor combo a signal is sent for the computer to play a sample.
Keywords: Audio Engineering Sequencer Music
Downloads: 260
[audio]newcpusmandelbox - Billy Stiltner
running the mandelbox  sequencer with new cpu
Keywords: mandelbox sequencer; xenharmonic
Downloads: 19
[audio]Isophi 12mandelbox - Billy Stiltner
xensynthlite sequenced by mandelboxtuned to isophi12
Keywords: xensynth mandelbox sequencer
Downloads: 18
[audio]b.c.'s monsters - vinceent
by the lake
Keywords: music sequencer 8bit
Downloads: 72
[software]CD Sequencer - http://www.1manband.nl/cdsequencer/index.htm
This program allows you to record extra MIDI instruments with the CD tracks of your favorite Cds. Synchronization of the MIDI tracks and the CD player is checked and corrected continuously while playing. The MIDI instruments can be recorded using an external MIDI keyboard controller or the PC keyboard. Recorded notes can be edited in a piano roll or an events list. The resulting sound of MIDI instruments and CD can be recorded to a WAV audio file...
Keywords: CD Sequencer; Multimedia; Audio; Audio recorders; C D Sequencer
Downloads: 106
[audio]22.3.c.mandelbox - Billy Stiltner
xensynth in 22 edo sequenced by mandelbox sequencer image from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Granular_material#Granular_gases
Keywords: xensynth 22edo mandelbox sequencer
Downloads: 22
[audio]belphegor22chaos - Billy Stiltner
xensynth tuned to belphegor22 sequenced with mandelbox sequencer
Keywords: xensynth belphegor22 mandelbox sequencer
Downloads: 9
[movies]tweakytrigger - qdaelic
reed trigers light
Keywords: circuit bending; lo fi; sequencer
Downloads: 200
[audio]27mandelbox 1 - Billy Stiltner
xensynth mandelbox sequencer 27edo
Keywords: xensynth mandelbox sequencer 27edo
Downloads: 6
[audio]22mandelbox 4 - Billy Stiltner
xensynth tuned to 22edo sequenced by mandelbox fractal sequencer. this one has sampled drum kit triggered by mandelbox, drum sequencer triggering digital drum machine being reset by orbit escape and maxits reached as well as drum loop sample player being reset by same.
Keywords: xensynth; mandelbox fractal music sequencer
Downloads: 23
[audio]Otherdays - Barry Neilsen
Electronic sketches, ideas, improvisations, new and recent (since 2000) material, anything really. More details about items in this collection will be added here. (See also MaybeDays and EarlyDays.)
Keywords: electronic; synthesizer; improvisation; sequencer; world
Downloads: 142
[audio]Sexualidad LatinoAmericana - Adrian Juarez
"I composed piano patterns and made the combinations on several improvisations, but this is an edit version of those improvisations." http://www.adrianjuarez.com http://www.frigidarec.com http://www.transistor.co.nr
Keywords: piano; improvisation; electro; electronica; sequencer
Downloads: 370
[movies]tweakytrigger_bend - qdaelic
trigger your bent friend
Keywords: circuit bending; lo fi; sequencer; timecodevinyl
Downloads: 206
[movies]tweakytrigger mouse
rock your mouse
Keywords: circuit bending; lo fi; sequencer; timecodevinyl
Downloads: 203
[movies]Coin Sequencer - Thiago Teixeira
Another video of the coin sequencer.
Keywords: Custom audio sampler sequencer coin circuit
Downloads: 123
[audio]NoralunianBurningship - Billy Stiltner
chaos melody and beatsorienting self with the new controls to  the fractal melody sequencer  which include but are not limited to -  markov note duration, string simulator fm plus sample and hold, auto sail - non deterministic autosailing the lake and land of the burning ship fractal done by the computer instead of pointing device gestures  so that tinkering with the controls of the synthesizer can be focused on.
Keywords: burningship fractal sequencer 10edo 15edo
Downloads: 28
[image]DJCrock 2011-1-12 - DJCrock
Blog materials for DJCrock 2011-1-12 http://blog.djcrocker.com/
Keywords: blog; puzzle; PSPSeq; PSP; sequencer; coins
Downloads: 27
[texts]Lunar Experience: 569EG owner's manual
Lunar Experience: 569EG owner's manual
Keywords: iaiiaiiai; outputs; rows; sequencer; individual; sequential
Downloads: 18
[audio]Lamenassichiba - Doudoucoincoin
Cette pièce électro-acoustique a été réalisée avec deux logiciels libres : Audacity et Jackbeat. Pour commencer, j'ai improvisé une phrase chantée. Ensuite, avec Audacity, j'ai renversé cette phrase et j'ai appliqué un effet wah-wah aux deux versions. Avec ces quatre motifs et une note de saxophones, j'ai utilisé le séquenceur Jackbeat pour réaliser le montage. This electro-acoustic piece was made using free software Audacity and Jackbeat...
Keywords: lamenassichiba; doudoucoincoin; canard; audacity; jackbeat; sequencer
Downloads: 24
[texts]Lunar Experience: 563E owner's manual
Lunar Experience: 563E owner's manual
Keywords: bus; igger; iai; sequencer; expander; individual
Downloads: 17
[audio]Saturn - Gliese 614
Gliese 614 - Saturn 1. Dione 2. Iapetus 3. Rhea 4. Titan Running time: 31:54 Recorded early 2005. For more info visit: http://www.myspace.com/gliese614
Keywords: sequencer; berlin school; melodic; electronic music
Downloads: 228
[movies]SuperCollider TeaTracks first go - Dan Stowell
Jan Trutzschler recently released his "TeaTracks" sequencer for SuperCollider. Here's a screencast of me trying it out for the first time, just demonstrating how you can visually arrange audio files and snippets of SuperCollider code, in a graphical environment that's kind of like a traditional time-based sequencer. (I forgot to show that you can do some other nice things like "freeze" the generative parts of the piece into audio files, or render the whole track out.)
Keywords: SuperCollider; TeaTracks; music; audio; generative; sequencer
Downloads: 414
[audio]Aphelion - Peter Tedstone
Sequencer driven atmospheric music.
Keywords: berlin; berlinschool; electronic; sequencer; atmospheric; ambient
Downloads: 1,725
[audio]QuVID_-_Sergio_Maltagliati-_-color_sequencer - Sergio Maltagliati
Keywords: QuVID_-_Sergio_Maltagliati-_-color_sequencer; offroad
Downloads: 46
[audio]Isophi 12chaos 2 - Billy Stiltner
isophi12chaos2generated with  xensynth10.2 plus the addition of one euclidian rhythm generator in the sequencer.
Keywords: euclidian rhythms; fractal sequencer; markov rests
Downloads: 8
[audio]Maybedays - Barry Neilsen
The original Maybedays collection was a bunch of tracks I posted on the first MP3.com site back in 1999, though the music was actually recorded several years earlier between 1995 and 1997. The 1999 uploads were edited down to fit with MP3.com's song length limits. Here, they're in their original form, for better or worse, along with other material recorded around the same time which either wasn't as developed, or that I thought was just too plain daft to let anyone hear...
Keywords: electronic; sequencer; melodic; maybedays; dz-051; technobabble
Downloads: 413
[audio]The godfather - special cover - campeon
my special cover of the famous theme from the soundtrack of the godfather
Keywords: godfather electronic music sequencer effects instruments classic
Downloads: 250
[software]Wallpaper Sequencer Ultra - http://www.wallpapersequencer.com
This wallpaper manager includes desktop clock skins of various types. You can choose between the traditional and digital looks of the time keeping devices on your desktop. The program fits wallpaper sizes, formats and resolutions automatically. It also includes Active Desktop support and Taskbar transparency. Wallpaper rotation can be done automatically or manually, pressing hotkeys, upon system startup or shutdown, or after a specified time period...
Keywords: Wallpaper Sequencer Ultra; Multimedia; Themes editors and tools; Wallpaper tools; Wallpaper Sequencer
Downloads: 31
[texts]Megazwerg Owner's Manual

Keywords: output; input; megazwerg; internally; prewired; sequencer; inputs; slewl; waveform; inl; ring modulator; internally wired; mod sequencer
Downloads: 81
[audio]Funkwellen - Siegmar Fricke
unreleased metasequencer-electronics engineered and programmed by Siegmar Fricke in the course of 1994 | assembled from original analogue mastertapes and available for the first time in digital format
Keywords: electro; techno; ambient; experimental; Siegmar Fricke; pharmakustik; sequencer
Downloads: 246
[audio]nobranon_tobranoff - haleakalari
digital expressions and analog meanderings on the nature of divinity. these songs were carefully crafted in milkytracker and logic. no pre-made beats or loops have been used, and there is definitely no sampling [of/from other people's compositions]. the electronica was carefully sequenced and arranged by myself. there is also one track where i attempt to and eventually achieve sonic harmony between the higher strings on my epiphone thunderbird bass and the lower strings on my fender standard jaz...
Keywords: bass; harmony; logic; sequencer; tracker; beauty; malbronbert; norbinbop
Downloads: 201 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Energizer - My Dream - Energizer
Here a new hardtrance project called: "My Dream"
Keywords: hardtrance; trance; energizer; dj; music; fl; studio; sequencer; nexus; synth
Downloads: 26
[movies]SmartChip Multisample Nanodispenser
http://www.wafergen.com/ | Our multisample nanodispenser allows for automated loading of up to 384 samples on predispensed Smart Chip panels and more.
Keywords: targeted sequencing; multisample sequencer; ngs sequencing; Automated Nanodispenser
Downloads: 2
[audio]Time Zero - Modulator ESP
Time Zero is the fourth album from Modulator ESP. All tracks were recorded as live studio improvisations between 2003 and 2006. There was a limited edition release of 25 copies released on 1st May 2006, which is now long sold out.
Keywords: Modulator ESP; ambient; sequencer; Berlin School; space; spacemusic; soundscapes; neusonik
Downloads: 5,087
[audio]Malaventura touchOSC suite - malaventura
A touchOSC layout for iPad that contains a step sequencer monosynth & drum machine, a ambient generator, a psychedelic fx unit & operator synth controller. All designed for works in iPad with touchOSC, OSCulator and Ableton Live in your computer. The layout and all the files necessary are below & zipped. Enjoy and share if you like it!
Keywords: malaventura; ableton; live; step; sequencer; synth; osc; osculator; touchosc; operator
Downloads: 5,306
[audio]hybrid - pechblenda
live noise with sequencer and due synth. DIY synths done in the lab.
Keywords: pechblenda; the twin black holes; synth; DIY; noise; electronic; sequencer
Downloads: 6
[audio]Event_One - Hashtronaut
The Event One disc is a free 'mini-album' celebrating the first complete piece of music to be completed in the new studio after almost a years enforced absence from music. It is called 'Event One' for this reason.
Keywords: Hashtronaut; space; deep space; sequencer; berlin; spacerock; neusonik
Downloads: 2,248 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(6 reviews)
[movies]Logic Ultrabeat [Part 01]
Bill Cammack (billcqc.com ) discusses Logic's "Ultrabeat" drum machine.
Keywords: searchonly; logic; ultrabeat; drum; music; sequencer; bill cammack; billcammack; billcqc
Downloads: 20
[texts]Lunar Experience: 569 owner's manual
Lunar Experience: 569 owner's manual
Keywords: sequencer; rows; reset; switches; voltage; input; volts; und; outputs; ranges; sequencer rows; internal clock; control voltage; clock oscillator
Downloads: 21
[texts]TipTop Audio Z8000 Owner's Manual

Keywords: sequencer; reset; clock; sequencers; step; matrix; direction; signal; normalized; tiptop; reset direction; direction clock; step sequencers; step sequencer
Downloads: 71
[texts]dec :: disc :: rm05 :: EK-RMADA-TD-001 Oct80
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.dec :: disc :: rm05 :: EK-RMADA-TD-001 Oct80
Keywords: data; adapter; command; sequencer; port; control; ata; drive; read data; disk; write data; block diagram; data transfer; control bus; command sequencer; data command; data sequencer; disk drive; sector compare
Downloads: 35
[texts]generalmanual 000015535
generalmanual 000015535
Keywords: keyboard; tone; chord; accompaniment; midi; pattern; button; rhythm; press; sequencer; adobe pagemaker; song sequencer; auto accompaniment; pattern sequencer; work area; rhythm pattern; indicator lamp; pitch bend; registration memory; user song
Downloads: 21
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